Strategic business planning - The direction of your business

A successful strategic business plan requires defining the incremental steps needed to reach goals.
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What is strategic planning?

Strategic business plans often fail because the necessary steps to reach the goals were not clearly defined prior. Now, think about the last time you made a goal or a plan for your business. Did you think through the incremental actions needed to get there, such as the resources, people involved, or possible roadblocks?

Strategic planning is a systematic process of defining your business's direction and making decisions on how to allocate resources (time, money, and manpower). It's a blueprint for how your business plans to achieve its long-term goals and objectives.

For contractors and those in the remodeling business, strategic planning becomes even more essential. The remodeling niche is marked by cyclical demands, evolving customer expectations, and strict regulatory requirements. Without a solid plan, businesses can get lost in the chaos, losing out on growth opportunities or, worse, becoming obsolete.
Plans fail when incremental steps to reach goals are not defined upfront.
It's crucial to reflect on past planning experiences to learn what worked or did not work.
Careful preparation and forethought increases the likelihood of creating a successful plan.
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Why strategic business planning is essential for contractors

Savvy contractors futureproof their business and turn vision into action by strategically planning for unique challenges.

Strategies For Unique Challenges

Every construction business faces unique challenges, whether it be managing skilled labor shortages, meeting regulatory requirements, or adjusting to seasonal or cyclical demands. A strategic business plan offers the opportunity to tailor solutions that directly address these distinct challenges, arming your company to overcome hurdles.

Align Your Vision with Action

It's one thing for a business to have an ambitious vision, but translating that vision into concrete, actionable steps is another matter. A sound strategic plan bridges the gap between vision and action, ensuring every activity and allocation of resources is intentionally aligned with and moving the company towards its strategic goals.


The remodeling field is continuously shifting and changing. Rather than simply reacting to market shifts, contractors can "futureproof" their business by leveraging strategic planning to anticipate change and adapt in advance. This proactive rather than reactive approach sets businesses up for resiliency and longevity.

How strategic planning integrates with business coaching

Contractor coaching isn't just about advice—it's about actionable insights. And that's where the combination of strategic planning and coaching shines. Coaching using strategic planning:

  1. Identifies Gaps: Through a deep understanding of the industry, coaches can identify gaps in a contractor's current strategies, providing a clear roadmap for improvement.
  2. Provides Accountability: A coach ensures that the strategies laid out are followed through, offering both guidance and accountability.
  3. Refines the Strategy: The world isn't static. As changes occur in the market, a coach helps refine and adapt the strategic plan, ensuring it remains relevant and effective.
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chris scully - owner of Action Management Pros

Actionable strategies, achievable goals. Action Management Pros.

At Action Management Pros, we don't just understand the value of strategic business planning; we make it integral to our coaching process. Our approach is rooted in understanding the obstacles of the remodeling world, ensuring our strategic guidance is not just sound but actionable.

Are you ready to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be? Dive deep into strategic planning tailored for your contractor business with our experts. Call now or fill out a form with your business information!

The process of working with our team


Schedule a consultation call with a member of our team.


We'll meet with you, either virtually or in-person, to discuss your remodeling business in detail so we can fully understand your goals and challenges.


We conduct an in-depth analysis of your company, assessing systems, finances, team dynamics, and growth opportunities.


Next, we develop a tailored strategic business plan outlining concrete steps to achieve your objectives.


As the business owner, you take an active role in executing the strategic plan, while we provide guidance.


Through regular coaching sessions, we keep you on track to implement changes, refine strategies, and grow your remodeling business.

Let's strategically transform your business together

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