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Scrolling half by half

Made in pure #CSS and almost all is "old properties" method. And a bit imagination.
Yes, the flexbox is old now.

I'm Kseso,
“a #obCSServer”

Ramajero Argonauta, Enredique Amanuense de #CSS.

ξsCSS Blog

#impoCSSible inside EsCSS. A Spanish #CSS blog where the borders & limits of #CSS disappear.

#impoCSSible is nothing

You don´t need Javascript or #CSS processors either for almost 100% of what you want to do.

Idea from E.Bouças´s pen

Without jQuery or Javascript, nor fixed position (bye IOs problems)

Images from

Because it´s the best for demos. Thanks, guys!

show the PEN.
link the POST

Por una web con mucho estilo, para argonautas con buen gusto.

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