Know Your Numbers! - The Answer to Business Profitability and Success

Written by Chris Scully
Published on October 18, 2023

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This article summarizes the latest insightful YouTube video featuring Chris Scully, the owner of Action Management Pros. Chris shares invaluable expertise on the key role of statistics and data-driven decision-making for businesses. 

Join us as we jump into the world of stats and management and discover how this understanding can transform your business success.

So, Why Do You Need to Know Your Numbers?

Understanding your business's key financial and performance metrics is essential. It ensures that you make informed decisions and accurately gauge profitability. 

Here are the key takeaways from this video:

  1. Statistics for Every Aspect: Assign specific statistics or metrics to every part of your business, including marketing, sales, finance, production, and employee performance.
  2. Flow of Production and Income: Recognize the flow of production, income, and profit in your business, starting from marketing and ending with profit generation—track metrics at each stage.
  3. Customer Satisfaction and Public Relations: Happy customers who leave positive reviews are essential for attracting more business and providing referrals. Measure customer satisfaction and public relations efforts as part of your statistics.
  4. Diagnosing Issues: Use statistics to diagnose and address issues within your business. For instance, low sales may be traced back to marketing efforts. Find the root cause of each disconnect.
  5. Profitability: The ultimate goal is profitability. Ensure that you collect more money than you pay in bills to achieve a profit. Contrarily, losses occur when expenses exceed income.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Understand the importance of constant improvement through data-driven decision-making. Monitor key metrics to grow and strengthen your company.

Stats Business Owners Need to Track


  • Number of Leads or Prospects: Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts in generating potential customers.


  • Number of Jobs Sold: Keep track of the number of projects or products sold.
  • Gross Sales: Monitor the dollar value of your sales.


  • Money Collected: Track the funds received from customers.
  • Bills Paid: Record the payments made for various expenses.
  • Profit: Calculate your overall profitability by comparing income and expenses.

Production (Product-Based Businesses):

  • Number Produced: Count the quantity of physical products manufactured.
  • Quality Control Percentage: Measure what percentage of your products pass quality control.

Production (Service-Based Businesses):

  • Jobs Completed: Record the number of service jobs completed.
  • Value of Delivery Done: Track the value of services delivered to customers.

Public Relations/Reputation:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Monitor and measure customer satisfaction through feedback and surveys.
  • Reviews: Encourage and track customer reviews to build a positive reputation.

The numbers tell the story of your business. Tracking key metrics in marketing, sales, finance, production, customer satisfaction, and reputation shapes data-driven decisions. Consistent monitoring spots areas needing improvement and reveals paths to maximize performance and profitability.

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